Digging Deeper into Sindhi Surnames.

Gotra & Parvara.

2 important linkages to Surnames of most Sindhis.

Gotra ( Ghot-ra (Village from)) meant where the Family resided or the City of Domicile.

Pravara stands for Occupation.

So Domicile and Occupation were the 2 important factors in deciding the Sindhi Surnames.



Arorvanshi’s  Sindhi Rajputs (Shikarpuris) :

Hinduja, Kukreja, Mutrja, Makhija, Raheja, Pahuja, Talreja,Ahuja,

Ja means from the family of…………


Amils and Bhaibands add ni to thier surnames:

Jagatrai descendants were known as Jagtiani,

Gulrajmal descendants were known as Gulrajani,

Ramchand descendants were known as Ramchandani,


Some Sindhi Surnames end will “AL”

like Rajpal, Nagpal,Khetrapal etc…


Some were known from their Residences like

Mirpur residents were Mirpuris,

Khudabad residents were Khudabadis,


Occupation related Surnames were :
Shroffs for Banking Business,

Mushiani for Clerk profession,

Mahtanis or Mehtanis for accounting work (Mehta’s work …was accounts)


Some Shortforms are :

Sippy from Siplani,

Malani from Mangharmalani.


A sociological study by Bherumal Mehrchand shows that:

The Mukhis, the Nagranis, the Sagranis, the Jethmalanis, the Lakhanis, the Lullas, the Mattas, and the Chabrias are cousins.

So, too, are the Advanis, the Sitlanis, the Sadhwanis and the Shamdasanis.

The Chandiramanis, the Bhambhanis, the Karnanis and the Kripalanis are all “Chugh”.

The Thadhanis, the Raisinghanis, and the Gehanis are all “Khangar”.

The Chainanis, the Hingoranis, and the Jhangianis are “Pahuja” .

The Keswanis, the Ambwanis, the Mulchandanis, and the Bhagwananis are “Kukreja”.

The Ajwanis, the Bhavnanis, the Gidwanis, and the Jagtianis are kin.

And so are the Mirchandanis, the Mahtanis, the Moorjanis, the Sadaranganis and the Makhijas.

The Balwanis, the Malkanis, the Ramchandanis, and the Ramrakhianis are all “Darari”.

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  • jaiprakash kapadia  On October 6, 2010 at 5:50 am

    I am eagar to know my ‘GOTRA’
    please help if possible,
    Name :

    • maxmakhija  On October 6, 2010 at 7:14 am

      Go to Haridwar or Gaya for that sir – i am sure u will find what u seek

  • mahesh lalwani  On October 7, 2011 at 2:22 pm

    Most sindhi sirnames have no relation with gotra.
    Many sindhis have abandoned hindu original gotras and adopted fashionable names by choice. Ramchand becomes Ramchandani and therefore two Ramchandanis are in no way related since there were infinitely large number of Ramchands living at different locations chose to become Ramchandani or merely Ramchand.

    What is important to know is that no sindhi is low caste today since entire low caste embraced islam. brahmins are very few and in any case were migrants from madhya bharat or united province.opportunistic brahmins embraced islam.Vania (Bania) and Kshtariyas remained devout hindus tiil migration. all hindu sindhis are urban, not necessarily urbane although.

    Dr. mahesh lalwani.

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