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Sunder Ramani- Rising Sindhi Star in California

Sunder Ramani says
“Enough is Enough”

California in Crisis – and We Are Stuck in the Mud!

How is the $20 billion budget deficit being solved by our elected members? How are we working on next year’s budget (which is 90 days late already)? How have our legislators attempted to help small business-owners weather these trying economic times?

By throwing mud at opponents …of course.

I committed to running a mature, respectable campaign, focusing on issues that affect us all and solutions to help us grow. I have held true to the principles and decorum my friends and supporters have come to expect, but it’s politics as usual in Sacramento, and I have been turning the other cheek so often in this election, my neck is sore. My patience, my reticence to jump into the political sandbox, and my desire to focus on solutions rather than on political bickering should not be misinterpreted however – we can’t afford to go on as we have, and it is time to join with you in proclaiming: “Enough is enough!”

California is facing serious problems, and real leadership, interested in finding real solutions, is required. One would expect a young, newly-elected legislator to be filled with idealism and a desire to bring positive change to our government, so how has my opponent Mike Gatto been working on solutions? Here are some examples:

  • Producing a phony “You Tube” video claiming I am “homophobic.” Those that have known me for all these years know this is utterly ridiculous.
  • Putting out a campaign “hit” piece indicating I am for cutting children and senior services, cutting education resources, protecting big oil companies, etc. Balderdash! I have spent 25 years serving and protecting our children and seniors. And, I couldn’t find my way to a big oil company if I tried.
  • Filing an FPPC complaint against my campaign (these charges have been dismissed).
  • Filing yet another FPPC complaint (which was dismissed in only a few days due to the gross misstatements in the complaint).
  • Filing an investigation with the District Attorney regarding my residency. I have been clear and open from the outset (interview in Glendale News Press in January) of my intention to maintain a temporary residence until the election was concluded, and then take up permanent residency upon successfully winning the seat. Many of us were gerrymandered out of the district 10 years ago by these same legislators that want to control the vote and their positions. This has to stop!

There will be more allegations and “mud” hurled by the other side in an effort to distract voters from Sacramento’s FAILURE to pass a budget. We were promised a new accountability – and we are still spinning our wheels with politics as usual – getting muddier by the day! Once again it appears we’ve elected a politician whose chief duty is to get himself re-elected.

We need leadership – we need a positive change! I am more committed than ever to getting back our government for us. Please help me with your vote, with your resources, and with your commitment to make this happen.

Unlike my opponent, I don’t have a political machine that relies upon the largess of tribal gaming casinos, big labor unions, or large corporations, and as your representative, I won’t have to pay back those political favors. Rather, I have relied on grassroots efforts to change our expectations of Sacramento and foster positive, solutions-oriented thinking. It’s our government, let’s get it working for us again.

Thank you as always for your support and commitment to take back our government!

Sincerely yours,
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