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Dudani Niranjan ( Boston)

Harvard University
Department of Sanskrit and Indian Studies
Outreach Lecture  Spring 2008  Languages and Literature of India  Lecture X
 “Sindhi Language and Literature”  Dr. Niranjan Dudani, M.D. Poet and writer Swampscott, MA

Hall A, Harvard University Science Center  1 Oxford Street, Cambridge
The Indus civilization with its nucleus metropolis in Sindh had left only undeciphered script. Later Rgveda proclaims mighty Sindhu river and prosperous region around it.(*Correction – It  should be that the British never Deciphered the Script )

Major epics – Ramayana and Mahabharata mention the region as Sindhu Desha.

Proto-Sindhi owes its origin to Sanskrit and Prakrit languages(* Like most of the World’s languages do ).

In 711 Ad the land came under repeated invasion and occupation and the original language has evolved with the influence of various cultures. A standard Sindhi alphabet in Arabic script was developed in the mid-nineteenth century. *( By the British and enforced on Sindh)

Speaker bio: Dr. Niranjan Dudani, MD., a physician practising at Boston
North Shore, immigrated to the United States in the 70’s after twenty years
of service with Indian Navy. He has authored many books of poems and
short-stories in Sindhi and English.  He is a student of Sindhi history and
her people.
Contact telephones: 617-864-5121, 617-495-3295



According to me:

1.Consisted of 5 areas- Sindh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujrat and Kutch. Even today these areas produce some of the best businessmen in India. (Due to Genelogical roots- these people have excelled in Business.)

2.The Language was never deciphered.*It could have easily been deciphered- but there were historic disadvantages in doing that for the British)