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Prakash Gaba- Technical Analyst (Mumbai- India)

Prakash Gaba:

He is s a committed Professional Technical Analyst and a Trader.

He is a Post Graduate in Management, exposed to the corporate world as a senior manager at a young age in the late seventies. He is an avid reader has varied interest is an accomplished sportsperson and actively participates in competitive sports.


He is a Marksman and an Aviator who has a passion for flying. Gliding is his hobby and he is among the pioneers of Hang Gliding in the country. His love for nature took him to the foothills of the Himalayas on River-rafting and trekking escapes. He is a good wind-surfer and a scuba diving enthusiast. His love for adventure introduced him to the thrilling sport of snow skiing and water skiing which he embraced in the early seventies while still in its infancy in the country.Profession:

True to his character, he got interested in Technical Analysis on a freak episode. He would buy on tips and sell on tips and he made a lot of money doing just that following other traders blindly, until that one fateful day when he lost all that he had made in one week that was the day he decided that he would buy on his own tips and sell on his own tips only. He would generate his own tips.

He quarantined himself from the rest of the world and permitted himself the luxury of just two friends. His quest for knowledge took him through this journey of Technical Analysis and he studied and researched the subject for over 16-18 hours a day, seven days a week and for over three years reading over 60 books on the subject and follows the same routine diligently to this day. He believes that Technical Analysis is one of the most difficult and challenging subjects that he has ever come across.

By temperament he is a fighter and loves challenges and strives for excellence only excellence.


His Motto:

Never give up…it’s so easy…anyone can do that

His Advice :

Never follow anyone blindly unless you are sure that he or she knows more than you do

His Purpose:

None of his readers should lose what they have gained already