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Shattered Humanity on Move again: Mohan Dadlani

“Shattered Humanity on Move Again”


The Times Of India News: “ AMRITSAR: As many as 600 Hindus, including women and children, arrived in India via Attari land border on Monday. Custom’s deputy commissioner RK Duggal said that the group arrived here on pilgrim visas. Sources at Attari said that these Hindus, largely from Sindh province of Pakistan, had expressed their desire to permanently settle in India and have come with a large quantity of luggage and household goods.”


This is absolutely sad, heart-breaking, heart-wrenching news! Why do the simple, innocent and peace-loving people be forced to take such painful and nerve-wrecking course in their life? Why do they have to resort to this tragic move of leaving their Mother land for good?


Why do they have to abandon and forsake their Fatherland where the ashes of their ancestors lay strewn in field, plains, hills and rivers! Why do they give up on their Homeland, where the bones of their loved ones are entombed since centuries? Why do they have to take such a drastic action! Does the civilized world take note of such tragic, catastrophic and calamitous plight of desperate human beings?


آٸون ڪينئ ڇڏيان سومرا؍ تن پنوھارن پچار؍

جڙ جنين جي جان ۾؍ لڳي ريٸ لھار؍

ميخون محبت سنديون؍ ھيٸنڙي منجھ ھزار؍

پکا ۽ پنوھار؍ ڏٺي مون ڏينھَ ٿيا؍



 “Aauun keenya chhaddiyaan Soomra, tani panwhaarani pachaara,

Jarra janeen jee jaani mein, laggee reeya luhaara,

Meekhuun muhabata sandiyuun, heenyarrei manjhi hazaara,

Pakha aeen panwhaara, ddithei muun ddeenha thiyaa.” (Shah)


“Oh Prince! How can this maid ever abandon,

Thought and yearning for my own kith and kin?

Within heart and soul are love’s sharp skewers,

Pierced inside me without blacksmith’s hammers;

Darts and arrows coated with love and longing,

Thousands of them my beloveds kept striking;

Humble dwellings back home and kindred dears,

Alas! This unfortunate maid had not seen for years.”

(Shah Bhittai: Translated by Ahmed Makhdoom)

(Note: In Bhittai’s epic ‘Umar Marvi;’ Soomra=the caste of Prince Umar, the ruler of Sindh)


Surely, it is not easy or joyful leaving ones beloved kindred folks, with whom they have spent years with love, happiness and mutual respect and admiration! Certainly, it is not pleasant to leave ones Motherland, where one had stayed since centuries! Really, there must be something wrong! Certainly, serious human rights violations must have taken place! Surely, the lives of these despondent people must have been at risk! Surely, these naïve and simpleton people must have been threatened, abused and vilified!


Where is the civilized world? Why they have shut their eyes to the sorrow and sufferings of human beings? Why the powerful countries, world’s human rights organizations, international social and welfare organizations and resourceful, potent and mighty  individuals closed their ears to the cries of pain and anguish of these punctured, pushed and punched people?


This is a clear case of genocide, ethnic cleansing and serious human rights abuse perpetrated, planned and engineered by the barbaric Pakistani Security and Secret Agencies, savage Armed Forces, tyrant Government Officials and certain ethnic-based, terrorist and vitriolic Political Parties like Mutahda (in fact, Muhajir) Qaumi Movement (MQM).

And, the Children of the Soil leave, and Mother Sindh becomes poorer and poorer, dejected and demoralized, destroyed and depressed! And the Sons of the Soil in Sindh become few and rare, sparse and scant, lonelier and extinct!


We demand immediate investigation into this very sad and sordid affair! We appeal and plead the World’s Human Rights Organisations, International Court of Justice, International Criminal Court and the United Nations Organisations to enquire from Pakistan about what is going on and why poor innocent people are being resorted to take such drastic action! The culprits who have been the cause of such a tragedy should be apprehended, tried and punished. Long Live Humanity!


واڪا ڪرڻ مون وس ٻڌڻ ڪم ٻروچ جو

Waaka karinnu muun wasi, bmudhannu kamu Bmarocha jo,

Scream ‘n Shout w will, Listen ‘n Comply is up to Them.

شالَ سِنڌڙِي تُنھِنجا ٻَچڙا جيٸن؍ Shaala Sindhrree tuhnjaa bmachrraa jiyan

Lord! Keep children of my Mother Sindh exuberant ‘n effervescent.

سدائين گڏ Sadaaeen gaddu, الله واهي Allahu waaheel,

ساٿ سلامت، قوم سلامت، سنڌ سلامت

Saathu salaamat, qauma salaamat, Sindhu salaamat,

پنھنجي دعاءن ۾ ياد رکندا Pahnjee duaaun mein yaad rakhandaa,

خادم دٸاگوُ احمد مخدوم؍ Khaadimu duaaguu,


Dr. Ahmed Makhdoom,

Professor Emeritus,

Singapore and Malaysia