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Sindhis: Kewalram Chanrai History

Kewalram Chanrai Group History:

When brothers Jhamatmal and Thakurdas Chanrai opened a small textile shop in Hyderabad, Sind, in 1860, little did they realise that it was the beginning of a global enterprise. From the modest store, they started trading and moved into Indian handicrafts. By the early 1870s, they had set up operations in Mumbai.

With each year, they grew strength by strength, and refined their entrepreneurial skills to include the world’s emerging markets. Long before it was popular and viable to do business in Asia, they saw the potential and expanded into the region – the rest of India, Sri Lanka, China, Japan and Southeast Asia – pioneering trade and industries along the way.

Sensing opportunities on the other side of the world, they also reached out to Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Ghana in Africa; Morocco in the Maghreb; Chile and Panama in South America; and Gibraltar, Malta and Spain in Southern Europe.

After two World Wars, some of these far-flung establishments were closed down as the Group practised economies of scale, streamlined operations, cut out duplication and adopted the latest technology. In 1948, Thakurdas’s son, Ghanshamdas, and his son, Kewalram, consolidated its various business ventures and set up the Kewalram Chanrai Group.

The Group diversified its activities into printing of textiles and fabrics in the 1960s, and set up manufacturing of yarn and textiles in Nigeria in the 1970s, and subsequently opened a spinning mill in Indonesia in 1975.

Today, after more than 140 years, we are a global leader firmly established in 54 countries with a staff strength of 12,000. Based in Singapore, its diversified portfolio ranges from textile manufacturing to real estate development, agro commodities and chemicals to distribution of IT peripherals and automotive parts to embroidery.