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What to do with your Money- Sindhis !

25th Sept:
Global Update:
Gold targets between $ 1400 – $ 1550.

Silver targets between @ 21- $ 26

Stocks Expected to move up in coming weeks.

Rupee headed to settle down around 46.5-48.7


Sindhis time to CONSOLIDATE has come BIG TIME. 

GOLD  @ 1660

one can start buying GOLD in Small quantities from here on !

23 Sept 2011


Rupee should go to 50 but first must settle between 46.50- 48.70

Direction is towards 46.50

Seeing the Global economic Scenario.

Where will all the surplus MONEY GO ?

In INDIA- MUMBAI PROPERTY particularly Khar & Bandra.

21 sept 2011:


Coming in at No. 7, Soros had a fortune of $22 billion after adding $7.8 billion to his net worth thanks to investments in gold and related securities as well as equities. Soros switched to cash in the spring, allowing him to preserve his gains and miss market turmoil caused by the sovereign debt crisis in Europe.

20th SEPT: Reuters newsreport confirms CASH IS KING !

At 4:35 p.m. EDT, spot gold, which tracks trades in bullion, was at $1,777.80 an ounce, versus Friday’s late trade of $1,810.84 in New York. It briefly broke below $1,770 during the session. U.S. gold futures for December settled down $35.80 — or almost 2 percent off Friday’s close — at $1,778.90.”What’s different about the euro zone crisis this time is people are moving straight to cash instead of looking at alternative safe assets like gold,” Meger said

Sept 19th:
Sorry been out on a holiday !

Could not update !

The dragon always raises it’s head ! Germany 1, Germany 2, Germany 3 !

Where the world has concentrated on China ! Germany has taken and won the World – It has been the biggest benifactor and the best placed Country in Europe.

Now again the ball is in the court of Germany ! Such are the stars of Germany, being centrally located in Europe, having a hardworking, prudent and blessed populace ………………. Euro was made so that there was no threat from Germany and there was no World War ! It seems the World War might be on us.

Whenever the West gets hurt- there is a World War ! Just dread the thought of it !

So, where do we run for cover ? If and when it happens ? The Answer will be Australia or some other islands !

Let us not get ourselves worked up !

Meanwhile- Gold is falling, Silver is falling, So are commodities. Stocks are not stable and the world is just having one Mantra” CASH is KING”

So be it ! * It should be a good period for my favourite (NON Derivative based Investment)- DIAMONDS are MENS best friend.

INDIA- is a highly stupid destination when it comes to Inflation- On one side they raise petrrol prices by 5% on other side they raise the Intrest Rates !

We are pushing INDIA OFF A CLIFF ! It seems ! So all those who are SMART- PLEASE hold on to your NEST EGG as there is going to be a MAJOR BOMB BLAST when it comes to Savings Rates ( I forecast it to be 14% to 18% in a period of 9 months) – It has happened int he past ! Inflation meanwhile can go to around 12% (with properties gong up 1000% in areas surrounding Mumbai ( Panchgani, Karjat, Mahableshwar, Villages- where will the Food come from ? If everyone starts selling and drinking their Quota of Daily Dharu ! )

What are we headed for except for a Catostrophe !

Sindhis are you hearing ! Are you listening ! We need to be smarter- with our Monies.


24 August:

As per my 21st August comment:GOLD had it’s worst one day fall ! More such falls should be the order of the day.

Stocks: Worldwide- started going up. Moody’s downgrade of Japan – pushed Asian stocks lower giving a chance for Buyers in India,to pick up stocks at lower prices !

Investors can allocate further 20% of their monies to Indian Markets.

Anna Hazare+ GOI coming to a peaceful solution will add fire to the Indian Markets * another +.

S&P Rating agency has taken on a Goliath by downgrading US. Will S&P be there in 2012 ? I doubt. US might just bring it down, for stepping on it’s toes ! Moody’s will benefit !

22 August:

Indian markets are showing signs of going up:

Long Term Investors can allocate 10% money to the market.

21st August:

Gold- Do not buy anymore. Infact wait for a Correction.

Coming week : I would be booking profits in Silver

20th August:

Allocate money to Silver. For a Gain of 10% from current prices.

18 th August:

World Markets are stalling. It seems the only place we can park our money is in Currencies like Yuan, Japanese Yen.

India will run into a major Hemmoraghe- What is happening is wierd !

India had a good run, they spent 50000 crores in forgiving the loans of the farmers, states also followed. This kind of excesses + Corruption + manipulation of budgets- do not augur well for India.

We can eaisly loose upto 2020 (Another 8 years ) because of high inflation and a big hole that we are making by raising petrol and diesel prices and not cutting down import duties on Oil – remember 80% of import bill is oil.

So,we will have no where to Run (SADLY !)

Globaly- Stay in Cash, Stay invested in Japanese Yen as it can easily trade at 50 to a Dollar. Gold is bouncing back sharply, despite restrains of higher margins.

There is not much one can do except SIT ON CASH  !

Patience will pay !

13th August.

Confused at the turn of the day and the week !

Let us start with what is happening :

1. Gold – Margins were hiked by 22 % and Gold came down. It seems $1580 is likely from the current prices.

Remember if Gold goes up USA suffers ! They can hike margins to whatever level they want. That does not mean you can short Gold ! Infact – try buying 5% at $1580 and another 5% if  it comes more lower.For those who want to short $ 1815 level should be the level of the first Short- anywhere in Middle is Dangerous !

2.Short Selling Banned in Europe.- The logic is that Europe will buy time to stablise the Game. This is what happens- everytime there is a big panic type fall. G7 comes and stabilises the scenario (That does not mean go out there and buy ) This time around there are just too many babies crying for attention of G7.

US :Stabilised the worst for now is over !

Europe: Nearly Stabilised. Worst- I do not know what can be called that in 2011 (when it comes to Europe)

So what to do with your Money the coming Week ?

Nothing seems to be attractive, that is when the Big Buyers come in ! They spook all of us and they enter !

I would be a buyer at Lower levels rather than a seller (When it comes to Stocks )

11th August:

It is important for us to understand.

US and Europe has Asia as the Biggest Creditor.

Aim: Bring China to Revalue, Japan to Revalue and other Countries to Revalue.

Revaluation means less Exports to US and Europe and More Imports !

That seems to be the AIM !

Holding the Chinese and Japanese currency at current rates against the US dollar -for the world will mean Massive Asian Inflation.That is the path that we are left with. Either Revalue or Face Hyper Inflationary pressure !

Severe  Upward Price Pressure on every single thing.

So: Hold on to Asian Currencies ?  seems like the only answer.

        *************There is no choice but for China and Japan to Revalue. The world otherwise will have to face music on all fronts *******************

Stocks and Commodities:

Get out of all Profitable Positions. If you are loosing small – cut your position. Do not add to your position and be more patient.


Today:  9th August.

Worldwide Markets have fallen sharply.

****Now the time is ripe  to pick up stocks, but remember to get out soon.*****

As this is only what they call a Bounce ! Not a change of  Trend !

QE3 did not happen but a promise to keep intrest rates low-

SMART way to keep GOLD BULLS chained !

SMART way to keep the Spirits high !


I Revise my standing now:

Be totally in CASH !


My Warning on July 29th on this BLOG !


Sindhi Money – Where it should be going ?

1. Diamonds.2. Precious Stones.3. Real Estate in Mumbai.4. Sanand* Near Ahmedabad- slated to be the new Detroit of India. Bihar, Patna, Bengal. 5.Swiss Francs

* Revised currently to CASH only.

Where Sindhi Money should move out of :

1. US and European Currencies.

2. Exposure to US and Europe.

3. Stocks and Commodities worldwide.

4. Risky assets like- Chinese Property , Japanese property, Hongkong Property ( Due to Highest Risk to US Default), Middle Eastern property( World crisis might make Crude settle below $ 50 range.), Unsustainable Dubai properties and Villas in the oceans. New Big projects of any kind.

5. Chinese and Japanese Currencies- due to high exposure to US Debt markets.