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Rajkot Sindhi Samaj

health camp held last week in Rajkot offered free treatment, including surgery, to patients suffering from urological problems, mostly kidney stones. The camp was organized by Sindhi Samaj in association with B T Savani Kidney Hospital and city-based urologists. According to Srichand Balachandani, vice-president of  Sindhi Samaj, this was their ninth camp and was open to all.

“During the camp, 411 patients came from Saurashtra and Kutch regions for treatment. Out of them, about 110 have been operated upon. All the doctors who participated in the camp had offered voluntary services,” said Balchandani. Mantu Gupta, eminent urologist from the US, especially flew in for the camp.

“Most patients are from villages where potable water is not available or people do not take care in initial stages when they are diagnosed with such diseases. Majority of the cases are of kidney stones and renal failure,” said Jitendra Amlani, a urologist. “They only approach doctors when the situation becomes worse,” he added. Amlani has been offering voluntary service to Mahuva-based Sadbhavna hospital every month for the past two decades.

“Most of the cases we diagnosed during the camp are of kidney stone. Also, in many of these cases, the problem could have been avoided if care was taken in the initial stages. We need to make people aware about this as prevention is the best way,” said Dr Mantu Gupta.