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Sindhi: New Jersey Monthly group for children

Priya Navani & Sadhna Babani,Sindhis living in New Jersey, have started the Dedicated Indians of America. DIA:(Dedicated Indians of America):


Regular monthly meetings are held for members age 11 – 21.
Children ages 8 – 10 meet every other month.
There is a nominal annual fee for membership.
If you are interested in membership for your child, please send an email


DIA is a newly-formed, non-profit Indian youth organization based in New Jersey.

Our aim is to foster a sense of community among our youth while promoting social awareness and involvement in charitable projects here and in India.

In the past 2 months we have assembled an energetic, dynamic group of children and our numbers are growing everyday. It has been truly exciting seeing their leadership skills surface and their ideas take shape.

This youth group will be run by the children with guidance from a core of dedicated adults who serve as Directors and Advisors as well as the valuable support and input of parents.