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Sindhis: Sunil Sadaranagani(Director Mumbai & NY)

Sunil Sadarangani has worked as a producer on an array of international projects including Bollywood Extras, Indien Pa Vag, and the highly acclaimed September Tapes, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2004 and was released theatrically by First Look Media.

He is currently producing an international feature documentary on religions of the world, part of a 15 hour series to broadcast on Al Jazeera’s new channel. The series is a UK-Lebanese production, filmed in Delhi, Amritsar, Dharamsala, Mumbai and Varanasi that covers religions including Sikhism, Tibetan Buddhism and Hinduism. Sadarangani arranged a 1-hour exclusive interview with the Dalai Lama for the documentary.

Sunil Sadarangani:

Sunil has worked as an Assistant Director to many prominent filmmakers including Jaideep Punjabi (American Desi), Ashim Aluwahlia (Film Republic), and Richard Solarz (Bollywood Extras). Sadarangani has also directed his own documentary, Nimble Feet, about Mumbai children who sell newspapers and magazines at traffic signals. He has also worked extensively in theater as a producer, production manager, and actor.

Sadarangani spends half the year in Mumbai and half the year in New York City.