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Sindhi: Alimchandani Deven at Carnegie Mellon

Hi! My name is Deven Alimchandani, and I’m a grad student at Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley.

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering & Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management from Amravati University Nagpur, India.

I started my career in 1991, working with progressive Hi-Tech companies who believed in innovation and growth like eBay, Computer Sciences Corporation, Nortel, Bay Networks, and Tata Group.

I’m currently at Yahoo! Inc. in Sunnyvale, California. I hold several positions wearing different hats from managing people to process, product and being a hands-on Technical Expert.

I always wanted to go back to grad school and get an advanced degree from a top-notch institution.

I was very excited when I found Carnegie Mellon had a local Silicon Valley campus, so I could continue my business career along with getting an advanced education from one of the best universities in the world.

Today, I am happy to welcome you all to my world as a first year MS Software Management student at Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley since August 2008.

Each week I’m experiencing the joy of learning, and I’m getting a step closer to elevated career success. The week remains very interesting and dynamic with school assignments, projects to be completed at work and family time. One of the most challenging thing is to maintain balance, manage time and priorities.

It would be appropriate to say “To be a student again with work and family can be difficult but not impossible”. I am blessed with very strong support system, i.e. my wife Malti, also a working professional and my three-year-old daughter Roma. Oops! Also my little son to come in Feb 2009. Roma’s smile keep me energized and Malti unconditional support provides me with a new confidence.