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Wadhwa Leena – Fashion Designer – N.Delhi


A promising fashion designer from New Delhi has many accomplishments to her name at a young age.

She represented India at The National cultural festival of Japan and was a finalist in the much acclaimed reality TV Show, Lakme India Fashion House.

The fashion design graduate from Pearl Academy of Fashion, Delhi, presents her Pret label, Style Epitome.

It is an urban portrait of a contemporary woman who is elegant and highly unique and thus living up to the motto “fashion is for every one…style is individualistic”. She expresses herself freely through layers, cuts and juggling silhouettes along with surface ornamentations, which liberate and vitalize.

Attire with a blend of aesthetic designs, comfort and excellence meant for an elite clientele. The design ideology revolves around “THE YOUTH”. She believes that being young is an attitude towards life and she portrays that by mixing vibrant colors along with creating newsilhouettes by draping and pattern making. The textures are influenced by explorations of new abstract shapes and innovative material. Thus behold the pulse offash!on. STYLE EPITOME