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Buxani- Sindhis


Born in conflict-ridden region of Mindanao, Philippines in 1966, Nana Buxani she is a documentary photographer and filmmaker whose work largely deals on issues such as child labour, urban poor communities, children in detention, the plight of homeless peoples, communities in war torn regions, and the indigenous peoples and their claims to ancestral lands.

Nana has done works—both films and stills photography—for OXFAM-UK, the International Labour Organization particularly for the International Program on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC), VSO-UK, UNICEF, Save the Children Organizations, the Women’s Health and Safe Motherhood Program, under the European Union Cooperation in the Philippines, The Consuelo Algers Foundation, Amnesty International UK, Christian Aid, PHILCOCHED (an NGO working on issues of people with disabilities), and the Kaliwat Theatre Collective.
She has done assignments for Time Magazine (Asia Edition), the Chronicle of Philantrophy and Higher Education, Interviu Magazine (Spain), Il Venerdi ( Italy), Marie Claire, London, Newsbreak (Philippines), I Magazine (PCIJ, Philippines), ME Magazine (Philippines).
She has also assisted Magnum photographer Philip Jones Griffiths, documentary photographer Sebastiao Salgado and other foreign and international media organizations.


Ram Buxani – Man with a zeal to perform and excel

Mr. Ram Buxani born in Hyderabad, had his early education in Baroda. He had to struggle for existence after the death of his father, the search for livelihood led him to learn typing after his school. His first job was in the same institution where he learnt typing. He later went to Dubai for a job in International Traders (ME) Ltd.

Mr. Ram is one of the most respected businessman in Dubai and has been a resident for nearly four decades. He possesses many facets, a social organiser, community leader, writer, actor, NRI spokesman. He is the director of the world-wide Intro Group Inc., and of International Traders (Middle East) Limited.

Mr. Ram is influenced by the Japanese way of working putting hard work and collective decision making. He has been given the coveted“Bharat Ratna” Man of the year Award,

he has also been honored with

Jhulelal Award,

Shiromani Award,

Udyog Ratan Award,

Overseas Indian Award by Priyadarshini Academy

and Citation by President of India.