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Sindhi Darbar- Kandivali

Kambar Darbar is situated at Kandivli, Western suburb of Mumbai(Bombay), India.
The site was located by late Trustee Shri Narayan Vaswani,who was miraculously guided to this place.
The darbar primarily houses the Samadhis of our Gurus, Sai Vilayatrai, Sai Jiwatsingh, and Sai Vishindas, in a very serene and peaceful environment.
Adjacent to the Samadhi room,are two rooms, one with Guru Granth Sahib, and the other,has lifesize portraits of the Three saijans.
This room also has the Samadhis of Adi Chaini Bai and Dadi Gopi, who have looked after Darbar and provided spiritual guidance to devotees, after Saijan, in India.
Present spiritual head is Dadi Kamla Badlani.

The main preachings of the Gurus have been:
•    ‘JAP’ (chanting)  of “OM”
•    To live life as per Guru’s expectations
•    Selfless Shewa (service) of others
•    To imbibe Humility, love &care for all, kindness

The darbar is registered as Sai Vilayatrai Sai Jiwatsingh and Sai Vishindas Charitable Trust.

There are several Religious activities on various occassions as Diwali,Janmashtmi, Chetichand,etc
The Trust has built several rooms for accommodating the devotees on major occassions.
The Trust has also been very active in providing various Medical facilities for the benefit of the poor.
The medicines in General OPD are given at Re1/-only(US cents2.5),after examination by qualified doctors.
Dialysis is done at Rs100/- only(US$2.5).
Cataract operations with lens are done at Rs700/- only(US$18) by qualified Eye Surgeons, with high accuracy equipment like Carl Zeiss,etc.

Day to day administration of the Trust, Development activities, Programmes,etc are being carried out by the Trustees with the guidance of Dadi Kamla.