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Sindhis: Rimjhim Bhagchandani ( Event Organiser)

Rimjhim Bhagchandani

Rimjhim has been organizing events since 22nd April 1987 and has several prestigious concerts, television programmes, corporate events, real estate launches, fashion shows, celebrity appearances, private parties, weddings, mall activities, community service projects and a feature film to her credit.

She experiments with a lot of innovative and fresh concepts to constantly provide her audience/client with something new. Her work varies from fusion concerts that blend music and painting, to northern and southern classical musical performances to even an Indian classical dance and jazz collaboration.

Her target audience is not just the elite of Dubai but people from all walks of life.

Her years of experience in this field has given her the confidence and aptitude not just to handle any event but also to market it and position it in the right segment.