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Sindhi: Poonam Lalwani ( Life Trust NGO)

Poonam Lalwani (Life Trust NGO)

Who is LIFE Trust?

It is a dynamic foundation that works in collaboration with the Government to introduce various programs at the school and pre-school level in order to improve the quality and accountability of the education system for the underprivileged children.

It believes that every child should have the right to explore his talents and chase his dreams, and he can only do so if he is provided a platform for growth.

5 years ago, the dynamic duo of Mr. Micky Jagtiani and Mrs. Poonam Lalvani had a vision- To improve the lives of millions and make ‘School Chalo’, the mantra of every child in India.

Life Trust is an organization powered by that vision.

Good Job, God Bless Poonam Lalwani and Micky Jagitaini.