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Chetichand in every house- Sindhi Russia based.

SH – Ghar Ghara Mein ~: SINDHI CHETI CHAND :~

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Sunday, April 3 at 10:00am – April 5 at 10:00pm

3rd april to be announced. 5th april Every Sindhi Home in this world

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From this year we SINDHIS are pioneering a new concept of celebrating Cheti Chand – The Sindhi New Year in every Sindhi home around the world. (in a easy way)


1. Imperial Tailoring / Sammy Kotwani, Moscow, Russia
2. Young Sindhi Adults (YSA) / Anil & Amar Vaswani, USA
3. JOYO Shaadi (Sindhi) / Jyoti Gurnani, USA
4. Cooking with Nitu Didi / Nitu Chugani, Spain
5. Pooja Designs / Pooja Motwani, New Delhi, IND
6. Merlin Digital Products / Hiro Bachani, Dubai, UAE
7. KanyaDaan Sindhi Matrimonials / Karishma Malkani, Mumbai, IND
8. Sindhi Rasoi / Alka Keswani, Sindhunagar, IND
9. Monica Gokuldas, Nairobi, Kenya
10. Royal Victorian / Nirmal Jaswani, Melbourne, Australia
11. Sindhi Association of New Jersey (SANJ), USA


Just as we celebrate Diwali, Holi, Ganeshotsav, Guru Nanak’s Birthday, Sai Jayanti etc. – we must now start celebrating Cheti Chand in every home to strengthen our culture of SINDHIYAT.

On this day, in every Sindhi home we must :
1. INSTALL Jhulelal Photo / Murti
2. SING atleast Four (4) Jhulelal Bahjans (with a CD if needed)
3. INVITE our Neighbours & Friends (Sindhi / Non Sindhi)
4. DANCE with Chejj (Sindhi Dance with pair of Sticks)
5. DO Jhulelal Aarti
6. PLAY Palav CD
7. DISTRIBUTE Tahiri & Chole Prasad (w/Fruit if possible)
8. THANK everyone for coming & blessing the Sindhi Home.

The Imperial Tailoring Co will arrange for :
1. Jhulelal Bhajans / Aarti / Palav (on SH – YouTUBE & Radio Sindhi)
2. Portrait / Photo of Jhulelal (on FaceBook / Net) for downloading & printing
3. Recipe of Tahiri & Chole


1. Although Cheti Chand is on Tue – April 5, 2011, but to make it convienient for everyone we are encouraging a SUNDAY to TUESDAY flexi timing.

2. Those of U who like to add BAHRANA SAHIB to this R welcome to do so.
Sindhi devotees carry Jhulelal devta to nearby lake or river along with Baharana Sahib (consists of Jyot, Mishri, Phota, Fruits, and Akha).

We will add more to this (& learn ourselves) as we get input from all of you.

We Sindhis
The Imperial Tailoring Co
Moscow, Russia