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Sindh: Shikarpur related info

Shikarpur (Place of Hunting (Shikar= Hunting) + Pur is a place ):

Northern part of Sindh.

SHIKARPUR, once a commercial centre providing routes for transportation ,it  carries a history of culture, heritage, hospitality and civilisation.

The city had earned fame in the subcontinent for its aesthetic beauty, excellent administrative set-up, institutions for high learning, well-endowed hospitals treating patients from far-flung areas, underground drainage system, brick-paved roads, the fortification wall, eight gates, delicious ‘achhar’, and extensive woodwork in houses having intricately carved timber façades.

Because of its perfume industry and the then modern buildings, the city was called Paris of the East.


Visited Shikarpur while coming from Turkistan (a region in Central Asia) on his way back to Kartarpur.


Silk was among the items exported from  SINDH to Mesopotamian(EGYPTIAN) city-states

Approximately 4000 years ago through both land and sea-borne silk-routes.

Historically China has maintained cross-continental trade through the port cities of the Indus Basin River state, i.e. Sindh.

Items traded were: silk, spices, malmal (cotton cloth made in Sindh), indigo, etc all the way to Roman Empire through the Indus port city of Bhambore(Karachi)

This was the sea-borne silk-route link.

Suez Canal did not exist then.

Ships sailed from Bhambore via the coast of modern Oman and Arabia, entered Red Sea, from where they used the delta canals of River Niles to enter Mediterranean, hence traveled to Greece and Rome.

There were two routes to sail.

One for winter and the other for summer.


Earliest records of ancient Silk-routes are available in the travel accounts of Sindhbad, an inhabitant of Sindh  under the title of “Sindhbad’s travels”, also spelled as “Sindbad”.

Although somewhat fictionalized, this book is the most earliest treatise available on ancient Silk Roads. This book was translated from ancient Sindhi to Persian in medieval times and has been further translated into several modern languages including the English language…