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Daryanani & Bland Plc ( Immigration- New York)

Navigating the complex road to obtaining immigration benefits can be daunting. Everyone seems to have a different experience or journey.

If you are from another country and you wish to either live or work in the United States, or if you are an employer seeking to hire a talented individual from abroad, the immigration process cannot be ignored. Recognizing the tremendous personal and professional significance of this process, we never sugarcoat our guidance, rush to conclusions, or tender hurried advice.

Instead, we take our time to really understand the specific details of our clients’ circumstances with the focused intent of obtaining a desirable result in the most ethical, professional, and pleasant way possible.

This philosophy has served us well since 1993.

In over sixteen years of practice, we are extremely proud of the loyalty of our diverse client base. Many of the most prestigious individuals and brands in global entertainment, media, commerce, fashion, sports, and design return to us year after year. We have thoroughly enjoyed watching our clients and their respective businesses grow in the United States while servicing their most sensitive and important immigration requirements.

On behalf of the entire team at Daryanani & Bland, PC, we look forward to continuing the tradition of providing first-class, personalized service that is unique to the immigration requirements of foreign nationals, their families, and responsible employers.

We remain confident in our commitment and ability to make the bureaucratic process of obtaining immigration benefits as gratifying and as seamless as possible under any conditions.