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Sindhis in Mumbai and Thane

Sindhis in Mumbai:

22 Lakh Sindhis live in Mumbai and Thane

* Our Readers please note comment from one of our readers…to a post by a recruting agent who had replied to this Post.


Do you guarantee safety to Sindhi boys?

How many boys have you sent?

How many have been tortured?

How many died?

Did you send the boy to Curacao to work for Mayura?


Any comments on the unfortunate death of a sindhi boy employed by Mayura in Curacao?


What is happening with the bhojwani shameful incident?

Are you all partners in protecting him or seeing justice done?

An innocent soul has died thanks to torture by a member of you group.

World is watching!

** Readers Please note the above and Our Blog only Promotes Sindhis and has no Commercial Intrest in Promoting Sindhi Business or Sindhi People.We would like to know more about this unfortunate incident and cover it on our blog ! Anyone who is aware of what happen to the MAYURA CURACAO boy ?