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Chanchalani Deepak (Atlanta)

A letter from Deepak Chanchalani:

Dear Sapna,

My name is Dinesh Chanchalani and I live in Atlanta, USA. I was browsing on the internet looking to read experiences of Sindhis that underwent partition in 1947 and stumbled upon your website. Let me, at the outset, commend you on the effort that you took to create the website. More so, the fact that you thought it important to venture into this kind of an effort is itself commendable – not to say rare.

Being a Sindhi myself, I have always been fascinated with the experiences of partition and the resilience of the Sindhi people that went through the experience. I have spent countless hours listening to the wonderful tales and anecdotes of all the travails and the tribulations that our grandparents/parents went through. It is inspiring to be how the commonest of Sindhi has, instead of playing the victim, decided to take life in the most positive spirit and come out triumphs.

It is almost 60 years since the partition and the generation that saw/experienced partition (to possess the nostalgia) is slowly phasing out. It will perhaps be not more than 10 years that we lose all the information we have (through personal lives) of the partition. Our historians have failed to do justice to the country by ignoring this valuable treasure – my research yielded no serious work on the individual experiences of partition. History will repeat for those who forget it.

However, keeping with the true Sindhi spirit, myself and a few close friends/cousins decided to do our bit. We founded the “Sindhi Partition Foundation” – perhaps a paper-tiger at present but not for long. Would you be interested in joining hands with us?

We have a group on – there is some literature that explains what we intend to do. Hope we can have you onboard.

Dinesh Chanchalani.