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Most Surnames are – only fashionable, not real !

Most sindhi surnames  have no relation with gotra.
Many sindhis have abandoned hindu original gotras and 
adopted fashionable names by choice. 
Ramchand becomes Ramchandani and therefore two Ramchandanis are in no way related 
since there were infinitely large number of Ramchands living at different locations 
chose to become Ramchandani or merely Ramchand.

What is important to know is that no sindhi is low caste today 
since entire low caste embraced islam. 
Brahmins are very few and in any case were migrants from Madhya bharat or united province.
Opportunistic brahmins embraced islam.
Vania (Bania) and Kshtariyas remained devout Hindus tiil migration. 
All hindu sindhis are urban, not necessarily urbane although. 

Dr. Mahesh Lalwani.