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Sindhi: Chanrai Madhu ( Charity:Eye Hospital)

Seth Bhojraj Hassomal Charitable Trust:


The 100-bed Bhojraj eye hospital was inaugurated on 30th January 2007.

Located in the industrial belt of Silvassa, this hospital will cater to the tribal areas of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Daman and eventually perform 10,000 surgeries per annum.

Apart from Cataract surgery, the centre would be developed into a super-specialty unit providing services in Diabetic Retinopathy, pediatric Ophthalmology, Low Vision treatment, etc.

Bhojraj Eye Hospital is funded by Mr Madhu Chanraithrough Seth Bhojraj Hassomal Charitable Trust.

Mr. Madhu Chanrai, a respected industrialist, also engages himself in various charities. On the education front, he, along with his brothers, has taken keen interest in partially funding Vivekananda Education Institute for a girls school viz Deviki Bhojraj School and a hostel for the boys.

God bless his Charity efforts.