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Sindhis: Advani Hiroo ( Bangalore Environment Trust- Trustee )

Mr. Hiroo Advani was Executive Vice President, Blue Star Ltd., after which he was a franchisee of a US based executive search firm in Bangalore. Mr. Advani was very active in the Corporate world, from which he retired in 2004.

Mr. Advani is a B.Com from the University of Bombay, and has undergone the Management Development Program for Senior Managers from the Administrative Staff College of India, as well as several programs on various management subjects ranging from Organizational Development, Performance Appraisal, Customer Satisfaction to Total Quality Management and Train the Trainers.

Mr. Advani’s hobbies and interests range from Indian history to a wide range of music, and international travel. One of his passions is reading and learning about the environment, and contributing to the conservation of the environment through BET and the Koramangala Initiative. Mr. Advani is a member of the Willingdon Sports Club in Mumbai, and the Coonoor Club in Coonoor.