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Kriplani Rajesh- 15 Suggestions on Sindhis

The following are my suggestions. … there are 15 of them! (sorry it is long!)
Each word is a treasure – Suggestion #1:
I recently went to a Mela which was organised in honour of Dada Vaswani’s 90th birthday. They had food stalls, games and everyone was chattering in English. I did not hear a Sindhi being spoken at all….
I then saw a mother holding her son’s hand. He was naughty and trying to pull away from her. And then the boy bit his mother’s hand and she scolded him “A-re cha-khe to pa-hein!!!”  (you are biting me!).   
 It is quite funny, but I had forgotten the word ‘cha-ke’. So I made a mental note that I must not forget this word. I know it sound really silly, but there are so many words such as this that are being deleted from our memories… simply because we speak and think in English….
(but it is uncommon to find anyone speaking actively in Sindhi….)
So  my suggestion is to “record” “day to day” conversions, not only as a learning tool, but to preserve our spoken language, we need to capture the style, but also to stop corruption to the Sindhi language e.g. replacing Sindhi words with English or Hindi ones…..
I wish someone would record aunty’s at kitty parties !!! (mu-khr bu-dal a-hey ….. )
Or uncles talking about business ( ‘Hoo-na da-khe kha-yo heay….)
Kids fighting over a toy (‘yo me-in jho ah-he….’)
Or someone telling a story…..
And also there are those  Sindhi persons that speak Sindhi with ‘flair’…. so we need to record them speaking with such style and…..

(A book will only describe our language in a formal style, but not day to day language…) .
Audio e-Book (Suggestion #2)
My mum has a book written in Sindhi, but I this I can’t read Sindhi. So it would be nice if our Sindhi books could be turned into audio eBooks. Many of the English books are already been turned into audio book e.g. listen on iPods or in car or on phone etc…
The funny thing is that is that the US Congress of Library has a  recording ‘clip’ of Popati Hirandani and Arjan Mirchandani. We might not value our language, but the Library has taken the time to make a clip. The pity is that it is not the FULL recording of her books, merely extracts.

See  http://www.loc. gov/acq/ovop/ delhi/salrp/ popatihiranandan i.html

Sindhi TV Dramas (Suggestion #3)
Good work is being done by Asha Chand / Sindhi Sangat. I learnt Hindi by watching Hindi movies, so perhaps the same could be done with Sindhi!?.
The only problem is that the TV Shows are only avilable on Sattelite in India/ Dubai. They did show in UK, but the channel got pulled…..  One issue is that our community is scattered… .
Sindhi TV Web (Suggestion #4)
Perhaps we can have a Sindhi TV Channel via the Internet. It is possible, but it is good if we had a camera people all over the world. Our community is scattered and interview Sindhis from different cities etc… So it would be good to bring people together….  (I know some Pakistani Sindhi channels are on the web, but they are on particularly good….).
Or this could be a pre-cursor to a dedicated or Sindhi TV channel or perhaps a telecast…. But there is great change of more ‘local’ programming. … e.g. Sindhis in Spain, Sindhi in Singapore …. we need a way of connecting these communities together….
Sindhi Theatre Shows / Live Talks – Lets Record them (Suggestion #5)
If someone has gone to the trouble of organising a Sindhi play on the theatre or a talk or lectures, then in my mind these should be recorded. We need to capture / record / save as much of the culture….  Once it is gone… its gone!
 For instance, I read someone organised a Sindhi theatre show, yet I am on the other side of the world, but it would have been nice if such material is recorded and made available. It is a good way of saving our spoken language….
But it would fit in nicely with Suggestion #4
Sindhi Songs  (Suggestion #6)
I have bought some Sindhi songs and I have to say they would not appeal to a younger audience. Some such as Duma Dum Qualander and Hemjamlo are pretty good, but we need new compositions and new modern hit songs!. Also, Sindhi singing does not sound cool…. and perhaps a little funny!!
We do have talented Singers in our community – check our Sheena Melwani on com/watch? v=qrEUTXnglls 
She has an amazing voice!!!. She is singing covers (i.e. other people’s English hit music). I suspect such folks are aiming to break into the English music scene rather then the Sindhi music scene….. but it would be great to find people who can write Sindhi songs and pen some music and get Sheena to sing a hits! She has an voice is amazing!
I guess this idea needs $$$
Sindhi Books, CD, DVDs, board games!  (Suggestion #7)
It is amazing you will come across Sindhis selling you all manners of Goods everything from water pumps to car parts. But try finding a Sindhi selling you a copy of Sindhi Reflections or other Sindhi books is near impossible in London.
When someone is going to India and they ask “would you like me to get you anything?”. My list is “Sindhi books, Sindhi movies, Sindhi magazines, Sindhi music, Sindhi everything!” . Yet the poor people go from shop to shop and with great difficulty finding something!! (even Sindhi music shop had to order in something from another shop!).
In any case, I “accidentally” became responsible for selling Asha Chand’s DVD (Sindhi TV dramas) in London. I am not making a profit, but simply doing it to promote my culture…. but it would be great if Sindhi stuff was available with much more ease.
Sindhi Language for Kids (Suggestion #8)
The only way the Sindhi language is to survive is if it spoken at home, but also that kids learn it from a young age. If parents can’t teach, then perhaps it should be a community effort.   In the summer kids are doing nothing, so it would be great if there was a fun and games and learn Sindhis too.  It might be a relief for parents to get cheap CHILDCARE and activities for children (this is expensive in US, UK, Canada etc…)….. Certainly, getting a teacher from India who can teach Sindhi and organise fun, games would be great and look after kids….
Many cities might already have Sindhi centres… so it would need a couple of dedicated parents, plus someone to put up a teacher and a bit of cash for flights and salary….
If there are enough kids participating in each of the cities you could have a teleconference via the web and hold Sindhi competitions etc… with prizes to win etc… kids eager to win prizes…. in a sense you create a sense of “global community”.
People such as Dada Jashan already hold camps or balvehar, but they never see supporting the Sindhi language a priority…. ..
One of the problems I see is that many of today’s youths in London, mix with non-Sindhis, so we need to make sure Sindhi youths have bonds and friendships with other Sindhis at a young age…. so as they grow up it is all natural….
I guess this idea needs $$$
Sindhi Scholarships (Suggestion #9)
We need to provide scholarships for people wanting to be involved in comedy, historians, linguists, music, drama, tv, acting, writing etc… anything that will increase the pool of Sindhi culture. For instance it is would great if someone decides to become a Bollywood movie director, but there should be something that says they will make Sindhi movies too etc…
Sindhi Speaker (Suggestion #10)
There are very few Speakers who can give a talk on Sindhi culture, heritage…. We recently held a Sindhi cultural day in London, but we were struggling to find local experts….
Sindhi TV Documentary   (Suggestion #11)
In the UK, the BBC makes very good documentaries on history e.g. Romans, Greeks… there is even one on Mohan Jo Daro and Harrapa (ancient civilizations) . However, there is n’t one on the history of the Sindhi people. Personally, I would like the BBC to do the research along with research material from Sindhi reflections, the India Office archives…. and real life interviews of existing Sindhis….
(they did a documentatory on the Partition, but they did not bother to mention Sindh, it only mentioned Punjab Punjab Punjab!!!)
This idea could cost $$$$
Travelling Theatre Companies   (Suggestion #12)
I think it would be great if we could have travelling Theatre companies that go from City to City to put on Sindhi plays……. I know there was on in London (Sindhi English), but this was mainly people doing for fun, but it was very good. But it would great if we had travelling entertainers. … and put on show in each city….
Lobby Researchers / Historian / Supply Books   (Suggestion #13)
I would like the Sindhi community to lobby historians. We need to get the Sindhi partition story out there. In the UK they rightly showed the story of the Partition of India, but they omitted to mention Sindhis at all. There was also an academics conference and there was nothing on the agenda about Sindhis!. Everything about Punjab!
 I would like to the Sindhi community to donate books such as Sindhi Reflections, I am Sindhi (Dada Jashan) etc… to national libraries e.g. US Congress Library, British Library and any University that has a department that specialises in study of India etc….
For instance, you will find Pakistani Muslims say  nonsense such as “Hindus left Pakistan for the promised land!!…..” (as if to suggest there was no violence involved…. )
A sense of community   (Suggestion #14)
In London a lot of people are not involved in the Sindhi community. I don’t know why this is. But we need to figure out how to bring people together…. everyone is busy in their own lives….
I don’t know the answer to this one….
Sindhi food (Suggestion #15)
I am afraid that in UK, USA or in Western countries were girls are choosing careers, the art of cooking is dying. Many of today’s girls are just too busy to learn cooking, so either the mother is cooking if unmarried or may be the mother-in-law is cooking when married. Or if a married couple move out, it is a case of ‘ready’ meals at supermarket or ‘frozen’ foods. None of which are good for health….
But also covers basics such as how to choose good vegetables, importance of each spice e.g. my mum says ginger is good, but too much gives heat!?
So my final suggestion is for a DVD on Sindhi cooking. (I know someone has put their little video on YouTube).
Or may be classes, again a travelling Sindhi cook from India, where course are run over a weekend etc….

(I think some of my male friends expressed in learning about Sindhi cooking, which surprised me…. ).

Thank you for reading!