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Sindhi:Sad story of Geetanjali Nagpal(Model)

The saga of  Geetanjali Nagpal, an upcoming and promising model of the nineties is one that is hard to believe.

The media is abuzz with narrative tales of the model who had once sashayed down the ramp with the likes of Sushmita Sen and was recently rescued from the pavements in the national capital by a team from Delhi Commission for Women.

Geetanjali, daughter of a naval officer, who completed her schooling from Mount Carmel and her higher studies from the prestigious Lady Sri Ram College, was found begging in the streets of Hauz Khas village in New Delhi.

But what is the reason behind such a state of apathy is something that perturbs every mind.  Many speculations were raised including Geetanjali being a drug addict. But doctors at VIMHANS, where she is presently being treated have ruled that out.

The model who was violent and rude with the media on the first day has been described to be a decent, calm and a ‘model’ patient to deal with.There are many who also feel that it is when the models fail to keep up to the pressure of the fashion arena, they succumb and fall prey to the pressure associated.