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Gurnani Chitra (India- Adventure Sports Portal)“Live life ur way” is what I believe in. With an attitude where I hardly bother about what the crowd says, I stay happy and enjoy life the way I want to. I am an ambitious female with big dreams in small eyes.  I have belief in myself and it is this confidence that lets me feel that nothing is impossible. Mental strength is my biggest asset that helps me tackle all tough situations of life.

Professional –

I walked my first steps in the entrepreneurial world with Thrillophilia. Being interested in adventure activities and wanting to do something of my own, I, with my friends, who share the same passion, decided to start Thrillophilia. Thrillophilia is India’s Biggest Adventure Sports web based portal where we offer various adventure trips, adventure events, sell adventure merchandize, provide a blog and forum for our users/customers to share their experiences, information and concerns. Moreover, we provide lots of free information to our users for all adventure related activities in India through the ‘Adventure Bible’ on the website. It took us two years to travel all these places and to gather all this information. Thrillophilia is the one stop solution for all adventure related needs in the country. The passion and the dream that the Thrillophilia Team shares has brought Thrillophilia to this stage and it’s just the beginning of what we plan to build in the next few years.

I am working in Bangalore with SAP Labs as a senior software engineer for two years now. My domain is Supplier Relationship Management and my work comprises of coordinating with people, delegating work, designing and coding. There is a hell lot of learning not only technical but also functional that I have had at SAP. In terms of personal relationships also, the kind of friends that I have made here are simply awesome. Before this I was working with Infosys for one year. The experience at Infosys was very enriching in terms of technical skills.

Education –

B.Tech Graduate from Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information Communication Technology, Gandhinagar.

Schooling from St. Anselm’s Pink City School, Jaipur

My Interests –

Taking part in debates, mock parliaments and anchoring. I did these through my college and school. I love theatre and it seems that it is deep inside me. I have taken part in many plays (proscenium and street play both) in college and enjoyed the various roles that I enacted ranging from a FBI agent to a simple romantic girl to the oldie goldie bollywood heroine to the news journalist. I also like writing and have tried my hand at poetry a couple of times (check out the poetry section here).                                                                                       Whenever I get a chance out from my schedule I do spend some time playing badminton.

Adventure – Trekking is one thing I am keenly into. With my friends who share the same interest, I go out for adventure trips around Bangalore, where we have done trekking, camping, mountain climbing, jumering, rappelling, wildlife jeep safaris and kayaking. A long weekend and there we go. No second thought; only action. I love traveling and exploring new places. So a weekend trip serves both the purposes – a new place and an adventure.

Staying fit – After joining the corporate life, I soon realized the importance of a healthy lifestyle. This includes not only eating healthy but also regular exercise. I make it a point that I spend a few hours in the gym every week and if too hectic then at least practice some exercises at home. Inspite of the hectic schedules, I somehow manage to cook healthy stuff or at the minimum guide my cook. Rest SAP ensures that I eat healthy as salads, fruits and curds are the only edible stuff that is served for lunch. JJJJ

My Love

Everyone out there loves his/her family more than anything else. My mom, dad and my sweet sister comprises my family.

The Special One – This is the most special place that we reserve for the love of our life, our soul mate and I am glad that I found mine.

Thrillophilia – My first entrepreneurial venture. Something for which working day and night was worth it, something which taught me ‘n’ lessons in life, something which gave me an amazing experience and lots of confidence in life. Believe me, start a company on your own and you will feel that nothing is impossible. Thrillophilia is undoubtedly a very dear possession.

Inside Out

Born and brought up in Jaipur, I am deeply attached to the city, my house, my school St. Anselm’s and of course my family and friends out there. Despite being out for more than seven years now, my heart still resides there. Sooner or later I will get back.

A true believer of relationships, I cherish each one with care. Whatever I am, I owe most of it to my family and friends. I have a very small, intact circle of my near and dear ones and entry to this circle is very restricted.

I simply love shouting and jumping on the head of my near and dear ones. Fighting is also big fun. I love troubling the people I like and my friends say that I am totally crazy. I am mad behind good food and not to forget sweets. I love traveling and exploring new places.