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Origin of Sindhi Language

According to Trumpp 1872 AD

Sanskrit (Open Oxford Dictionary go to LANGUAGE: INDO- European……origin.Indo means India, Language it seems orignated in India.Sanskrit is the most eco friendly language and the shortest one it seems. ECO FRIENDLY: The wind that displaces the space when a word is spoken is exactly the same and propotionate to each and every sanskrit word that is spoken ! Imagine !)

> Prakrit (Kramdishwara laid the rules of this language)

>Pali ( Palini) 1000 BC

(To this day, there is no single, standard spelling of the term; all four spellings can be found in textbooks.

Pali is of the Prakrit language family.

Pali  is different from  Sanskit origin as to its dialectal base, since a number of features betray the fact that it is not a direct continuation of Vedic Sanskrit.

( Note: By Vedic Sanskrit it means Brahmi the langauge of Gods – Which was used by Higher Echelons of the Brahaman Communities than.)

Many  Theravada Sources refer to the Pali language as “Magadhan” or the “language of Magadha”. More closely with the Mauryans.

There is no attested dialect of Middle Indo-Aryan with all the features of Pali. Pali is the same in west and east of India.

However Pali was ultimately supplanted in India by Sanskrit as a literary and religious language following the formulation of Classical Sanskrit by the scholar Panini

In Sri Lanka, Pali is thought to have entered into a period of decline ending around the 4th or 5th century (as Sanskrit rose in prominence, and simultaneously, ), but ultimately survived.)


(most popular “apbhransh” of western India was “Saurseni”.It gave birth to3 sub-language those were Western-Hindi (around Delhi),Rajasthani ( Rajasthan) and Pahari ( Himalyan region).

The  Central Pahari Language include Garhwali  The script used for Garhwali is Devnagari ( Which is one of the script used for Sindhi too. The Arabic Sindhi alphabet was invented by the British much latter in 1850s and made cumpulsory to bring a end to the old Sindhi languages like Hatwarki, Lari, Sari, Aluveta, this was done to wipe out the original connections of these languages with script of Mohan jo daro .To a large extent they have been successful and wiped out the importance of Indus Valley Civilisation from the face of this Earth )

>Apabaransha(Means Corrupt form  or translation from Sanskrit – If it is translation of  Sanskrit than  Sindhi could have orignated directly from Sanskrit)

>Varchadda ( Not much info on the net ( need help ))


According to Jairamdas Daulat Ram 1957

Sindhi Prakrit

>Sindhi Apbhamasa



Greek is 326 BC Language

Turkis is 120 -200 Ad Language

Arabic is 700 -1000 AD Language

Persian is 1300-1900 AD Language

( Sindhi languages : Hatwarki, Lari, Sari, Aluveta alapha be bala…. have all vanished due to imposition of Arabic Sindhi formulated by British in early 1800s and it was imposed on the entire Sindh in late 1800s wiping out the traces of these 4 Sindhi Mother Tounges. This was done to wipe out any connection to the Scripts of Mohan jo Daro and to reduce the importance of the Indus Valley Civilisation as the first and foremost Civilisation of the world. You Can Google it and you will find the worlds earliest Civilisation existed close to Sindh and not Euorpe)