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Jethmalani Ram- History & Achievements.

a) The family inherits its surname Jethmalani from shri Jethmal who was a living legend and governor under the Mirs of Shikarpur . He later became a minister in Afghanistan.

b) Jethmal`s son,Shri Notandas was appointed as the first district magistrate at Shikarpur.

c) Shri. Notandas first son, Shri Gurmukhdas was a learned lawyer and was the President of the local municipality, he earned many laurels in his profession..He was known as a man of integrity.

d) Sri Jethmalani was born on 14th september1923 to Shri Boolchand (son of gurmukhdas) and Srimati parvati. The priest Lachman Maharaj predicted “Jethmal is back”.The new born had a horoscope that praedicted success and fame. This child prodigy was named Ram.

e) Shri Ran Jethmalani is the only son of his father and only grandson of his grand father, both of whom were eminent lawyers. Thus, he has law in his blood.

f) Shri Jethmalani shared a deep bond with his mother, He was her friend and confidant.

g) Shri Jethmalani won many accolades and prizes both in school and college ( New Era school, Sind model school Chellanram Sitaldas college, D.J. Sind college in Karachi, Sahani Law College, Karachi). He became a full-fledged lawyer before completing the age of 18.


A) In 1977 he received Human Rights Award instituted by World Peace Through Law for his fight against authoritarianism at Phillipines.
B) In mid-1986, Mr Jethmalani undertook a tour of strife-torn Punjab with the belief that that peace was still possible. He along with his supporters carried banners which read “Kill us before you kill the next innocent man, women or child” The response was amazing, most people made a commitment to eschew violence.

C) With a Holtor monitor attached to his heart he pleaded before the Supreme Court for the release of Sant Longowal and the court released him unconditionally Thus, he endeared himself to sikh and ensured the traditional sikh loyalty to India. This helped to stop terrorism in Punjab and the Rajiv-Longowal accord was signed on 24 July 1985.

D) He always supported the idea of National Judicial Commission in the belief that both the method of recruitment tried so far have miserably failed.

E) He has initated efforts to promote Sindhi culture, language literature and arts. He has established and has founded The International Sindhulogy Institute. He established along with his friends in Chicargo an Institute of Sindhalogy which has made the Indus Valley Civilization a popular subject of study all over America.

a) He was a Member of House of People 1977-79 and 1980-84. He defeated Gokhale who was a minister in Mrs. Gandhi`s ministry during emergency by about 150,000 votes on 16th march 1977.

b) He is the oldest member of Parliament commencing from 1977.

c) He was a Member of Council of States in 1988.

d) In 1995 he launched his own political party called Pavitra Hindustan Kazhagam, which inter alia aimed at achieving “ Transparency in functioning of Indian Democracy. Every democracy needs a law compelling the government to divulge the truth…..The greatest threat to freedom and democracy rises from the secrecy of government operations”

e) He became The Union Minister of Law, Justice and Company Affairs 1996.

f) He became The Union Minister of Urban Affairs and Employment,1998.

g) He was sworn in as the Union Minister for Law, Justice & Company Affairs on October 13,1999

h) He has been an elected Chairman of Bar Council of India for four tenures both before and after the emergency.

i) He was a member of –
i) International Bar Association [1996]

ii) Sixth & Seventh Lok Sabha

iii) Committee on Subordinate Legislation Rajya Sabha [1994 -1996]

iv) Committee on Transport and Tourism [1993 – 1996]

v) Committee on Home Affairs [1996-1997]

vi) Rajya Sabha [ 1988 from Karnataka & 1994 from Maharashtra]

a) He was a professor in Pakistan before partition.

b) In 1953 he became a part -time professor at the Govt law college for both graduate and post graduate studies, Mumbai

c) Currently he is the Professor Emeritus Of Symbiosis Law College, Pune.

d) He was the main architects behind the idea of establishing the NLS,Bangalore. He is on the visiting faculty list of National Law School, Bangalore .

e) He taught Comparitive law at International Law at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.

a) Big Egos Small Men[2000]

b) Conscience of a Maverick,[2007]

c) Conflicts of Laws [1955]

d) Justice Soviet Style

Ram Jethmalani chief guest at SANA convention

A prominent Indian criminal lawyer will be the chief guest at next month’s annual convention of a US-based Sindhi nationalist organisation to be held in Houston, Texas, the association announced Sunday.
Ram Jethmalani, the 80-year-old lawyer who was born in Shikharpur, will address the July 2-5 convention of the Sindhi Association of North America (SANA) in which Sindhis from the US, Canada, Pakistan, India and other countries will present their views on various subjects.
Jethmalani, a former Indian cabinet minister and a member of Rajya Sabha, is currently the President of the Supreme Court Bar Association of India.

The proposed sessions at the convention include the general body session, a special session on Sindhi Youth and future of SANA, economic and political situation in Sindh, Sindhi identity and the role of Sindhi diaspora, sessions for women, medical seminar and the literary session, Sindhi Adabi Mehfil, according to the announcement.

Two nights of Sindhi music have also been planned for the convention.

Sindhis: Sindhu Education Welfare Association.

A senior council delegation of Sindhi community under the Sindhu Education Welfare Association (SEWA) met former union minister Ram Jethmalani and presented a memorandum containing their charter of demands.

According to the delegation spokesman, the main demands of the community include efforts to revive the almost extinct Sindhi language and granting of Indian citizenship to the otherwise refugee status of the community in the country.

They also demanded Pattas for the recently displaced Sindhi residents.

SEWA president Durgesh Keswani informed the former minister there was need for a Sindhi Welfare Commission

& he should initiate a dialogue in the regard with the president and prime minister.

Jethmalani assured the community delegation to take up the works on priority.

The delegation included Sabumal Rijhwani, Pravin Premchandani, Vasudev Gulani, Ashok Chhabadia, Sourabha Gangaramani, Deepak Khemani and others.