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Neha Nagpal ( Pop Star)

Neha Nagpal :

Man doley & Honsla (2 Music Albums)

Neha Nagpal, one of the youngest pop stars of the country, has made an effort to bring the light of courage in the lives of people.

She has endeavored to spread the message of believing in one’s dreams and retain the courage of facing life as it comes.

Neha has already rocked the world of music with her debut album “Man Doley” in her vivacious teenage, and this girl from Bangalore desires to win Grammy some day, she has already canalized her energies towards that direction to conquer the international arena, she has managed to sign New York based Richard Gabriel, who has managed, international stars like Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Ricky Martin etc. to manage her future.

An English pop album was her first ever album recorded in London.

“I played a demo tape of a few rough recordings of mine at the FM studio in London they heard and liked it and signed me” she says.

Inspired by Madonna, Britney Spears, she is a trained singer in western classical and different other techniques by Sam.

Her parents and her school have been very supporting and encouraging from the beginning of her career. And she is able to shine like a star in the music firmament, when others of her age are content with their books and schools.

Music lovers had already loved her husky voice in songs like ‘Hawa main Udta Jaye’ and “Man Doley Tan Doley” that had ruled the music charts for several months in the past.