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Sindhis Surname- Chotrani Family Tree

Sindhi Surname: Chotrani:

Our Ancestor’s Chotanmal and his son Panjanmal migrated from Multan, a province in Punjab which is now in Pakistan.

Then they shifted to Tandojam in Sindh (Pakistan).

Here they had a cloth shop.

Later they shifted to Kahmari a port about 4 kilometers from Karachi. Here too they had a departmental store where they used to sell bags, cloth, watches and many more daily consumer goods. This business was further handled by the next generation Pursoomal and then his son Shamdas.

Surname Chotrani was started by Metharam and it continues to be same till today.

Metharam had three sons namely Hemandas, Udharam and Jianmal. All were married to ___________, Shamibai, and Jassibai respectively. Hemandas unfortunately had no children.

When Udharam got his son Navalrai married to Shamibai, Jianmal was attracted to Shamibai’s sister and Jianmal was also married to Jassibai. Jianmal died of heart attack in Tandojam. Hemandas expired in Kahmari. Before Udharam came to Hyderabad Sindh (Pakistan) all the brothers got separated in business and property.

Then Udharam and his son Navalrai came to Jodhpur in INDIA. Navalrai got married to Jankibai. Jianmal had two sons Hundraj and Parmanand who then came to Virar first and then to Borivali in Mumbai. Later Hundraj got married to Uttambai sister of Shamibai. Parmanand got married to Jankidevi.

Chotrani is a Sindhi Surname.