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Sindhis: Dr. Sheetal Majethia Sindi (Northern Viriginia)

Dr. Sheetal Majethia Sindhi

I graduated in October 2002 from Palmer in Davenport.

I was highly active while attending Palmer as editor of the Beacon, campus guide, WCCS delegate, and many other activities. As a student I attended the Fiji 2002 Clinic Abroad trip, and had the experience of a lifetime. I precepted in Chicago, and a few months after graduation, married and purchased a practice in Northern Virginia.

My husband and I practice together, and have a wonderful time with it. In two years we have doubled our practice, and would like to see the same happen again in the next 2 years. We run a diversified, (palmer package) practice, with a full time front desk assistant, therapy assistant, and massage therapist.

I have participated as faculty for the Fiji and India Clinic Abroad trips, and really enjoyed working closely with students and patients. I am really looking forward to our trip to Morocco. These trips are integral to understanding the power of Chiropractic, and the more open and willing you are to work, the more rewards you will receive from this experience.