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Organisations that help Sindhi causes

Hostel for Seniors:
SHARAN operated by Rahejas, in sector 9 of Vashi, New Bombay.
“Sharan” OAH (Estb. June 1997) Sector No.9, Near Father Agnel Polytech. Vashi, New Bombay.   2765 94552766 1849
Home for Seniors:
Shahani Trust in Mulund
Shikarpuri panchayat in Kandivali.
Swami Shanti Prakash Ashram in Ulhasnagar 5
Justice Chainani
Home for the aged
Navghar road, near Shahani estate, Mulund East,Mumbai 400081. Chainani trust, Navjeevan Co.Housing society,
Dr Bhadkamkar Marg,
Mumbai 400008.
  Sindhi management but all are welcome. 1(a)50,1(b)none vacant,2) 55yrs,3(a)4)monthly Rs. 1250/-, Deposit Rs.10,000/-5)four per room, Monthly Rs 660/- deposit Rs.10,000/-,6)6(c)7(a)8(b)9(a)one month, on monthly charges, 10(a) per day Rs.50/-11(a),12).