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Sharmila: Ram Punjwani 1944 (Other Sindhi Books)

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Parable of the prodigal son in Sindhi

Language: Sindhī
Recording Number: 5704AK
Narrator: Vishindas Bherumal
Narrator District: Thar Parkar
Narrator Province: Bombay Presidency
Year: 1919

A country girl discards a prince lover

Language: Sindhī
Recording Number: 5703AK
Narrator: Gianchand Santumal
Narrator District: Upper Sind
Narrator Province: Bombay Presidency
Year: 1919

Beauty of the beloved and the longing of the lover

Language: Sindhī
Recording Number: 5702AK
Narrator: Parmanand Mewaram
Narrator District: Hyderabad
Narrator Province: Bombay Presidency
Year: 1919
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