Wadhwani Jhamatmal

He was neither born great nor greatness was thrust upon him. He achieved heights of greatness by his hard work, far reaching foresight, innate qualities of leadership and uncanny knack of getting work done, and his clear and concise decisions.

He joined the RSS way back in 1939 in Karachi, when the great scholar Shri Chandrashekhar Bhishikar was in charge of Karachi RSS. Shri Bhishikar was personally deputed by Dr. Hedgewarji, the founder and first Sarsanghachalak of RSS.

After doing Matriculation and 2 years of course of Intermediate, Shri Jhamatmalji got Law Degree. Shri Jhamatmalji soon got the post of Income Tax Officer. In those days Income Tax Officers were very few and could be counted on finger tips. Finding himself strangled by Central Government Conduct Rules, due to which he could not take very active part in RSS, he threw away his influential and cushy job and returned to Hyderabad Sindh with a view to devote his energy to the RSS.

For about forty five years, he was President of Vivekanand Education Society, which was started with 256 students in 1962 in a dilapidated building, which now has more than 16000 students, many colleges, schools and technical institutes. He also revived the defunct Sindh Yuvak Sabha and Vishwa Sindhu Sabha and named it as Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha, which has been rendering yeoman service all over the country since 1979.

Shri Jhamatmalji took part in almost all the Satyagrahas launched by the RSS and its allied organisations. He was put behind bars many a time for the same.

He remained practically active till his demise on April 17, 2007, at the age of 86 years.

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  • Prof. L.G. Gwalani, PhD  On October 4, 2011 at 7:14 am

    Thank you for the biography of Shri Wadhwani Jhamatmal. Was he associated with the Swami Vevekanand High School, Chembur, Mumbai ? The School is well known and Shri Hashu Advani’s contribution were too great in the field of education.

    Best wishes and regards.

    Prof. L.G. Gwalani (Australia)

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