Daryanani Anjali (Washington)


Growing up, Anjali tread happily across many different cultural lines, picking up pieces along the way.

In Hong Kong, she brew a passion for rugby. In India (and Montreal), she matured her spiritual and introspective persona. In South East Asia, she developed humility, inspired by people who would give without regard for what they would get in return.

The journey continues in Washington DC, where Anjali is working to create systemic social change through education.

She graduated cum laude from Georgetown University with a degree in Foreign Service, and now works for One World Youth Project, an education not-for-profit that links schools around the world to foster cross cultural understanding among youth.

Anjali hopes to engage kids and teenagers in impactful international experiences, especially those who don’t have the resources to travel abroad.

Anjali’s goals for the year include improving her photography and video-editing skills. Starting September 1, she is going to post a photo each day for a year at www.anjali365.com and encourage feedback from the public. If you’re interested to collaborate with Anjali on any level, please do send her an email at anjali@oneworldyouthproject.org. She looks forward to catching you on the flip side.



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  • Prof. L.G. Gwalani, PhD  On October 4, 2011 at 2:00 am

    Great ! Keep it up. The entire community should be proud of you. May God bless you in your endeavours.

    Best wishes and regards.

    Prof. L.G. Gwalani (Lalou)
    Associate Editor
    Mineralogy and Petrology
    22/77, St Georges Terrace
    Allendale Square
    Perth WA6000, Australia

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