Investment today – 28th Sept 2011

Sindhis investing today ?

*Gold is going to come down, so one should be patient and wait for buying, same for Silver. This time Diwali might see lower prices, despite the demand.

*Equities are rising due to Greece settling down, It is in the intrest of Europe. Note: Greece is Terminally ill. It has no path to go. As it is most analysts say that a Rise is possible for next few months. However, things will turn bad after that ! Usually the smart money follows the Analysts.

* Rupee: Can touch 46.50 versus Dollar.

*New Housing in Mumbai: It is becoming more difficult as now the New Builders are asking for 1:2 for Super Buildup Calculations. Earlier it was 1: 1.6 – So if you are thinking of selling your properties- wait for some time,.

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