Indian Markets

Sindhis !

Are you invested in Indian Stocks.

The most Important thing to watch is Reliance.

Reliance will possibly fill the GAP of 675 and than there is a GAP at 450.

It is likely that 675 will be filled. But 450 may take time to fill.


When UPA had won the Markets had gone up sharply and with a GAP at 12500 level.

It is likely that we are heading for this GAP.

One important thing that we have to note is 21500-17000= 4500

We have broken 17000 now the TECHNICAL TARGET would be

17000-4500 = 12500 !

That matches.

If we put 2 and 2 together than what happens is that Sindhis should hold on and wait for this target.

Investing anywhere before could be loss of money !



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