Srichand Hinduja – Historic Prespective- Shikarupuri Sindhi

During the inter-war period the most significant area of Shikarpuri involvement outside India appears to have been Iran. The foremost merchant there was Srichand Hinduja who started business in 1919.

A textile merchant in Shikarpur, he dealt in a diversified line of products in Iran (spices, fruits and vegetables, cutlery, etc.). He made a fortune and invested it mostly in real estate, laying the basis of one of the great South Asian business firms of the twentieth century, although his real`take-off’ occurred only in the 1960s.

After 1930 the trading restrictions and currency regulations adopted by the new Pahlavi regime made life difficult for the Indian traders, but the Indian commercial presence in Iran received a new boost from the British occupation of the southern part of the country in 1941.

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