Indian Merchant Association ( Aruba)

Indian Association of Aruba:

P.O. Box 232, Oranjestad, Aruba, Dutch Caribbean

Below is the contact information of our Board

President: K.P. Dodia     Tel: ++02-97-5882906  Fax: ++02-97-5833699


Immediate past president:      Shankar Daswani     Tel: ++02-97-5886399

Fax: ++02-97-5839709  – E-mail:

Vice president ~ Mr. K. Alwani     Tel: ++02-97-5834104

Fax: ++02-97-5826791 –  E-mail:

Secretary ~ Mr. R. Harchandani    Tel: ++02-97-5884927

Fax: ++02-97-5884926 –  E-mail:

Asst. Secretary ~  Mr. R. Melwani            Tel: ++02-97-5830147

Fax: ++02-97-5827515

Treasurer  ~
Mr. G. Sawilani    Tel: ++02-97-5838795

Fax: ++02-97-5821645 –

Co Treasurer  ~
Mr. N. Kanal         Tel: ++02-97-5829302

Fax: ++02-97-5839959 – E-mail:

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  • Bhojwani  On April 24, 2011 at 6:46 pm

    Any comments on the unfortunate death of a sindhi boy employed by Mayura in Curacao?

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