Where does Sindhi Money find Safety ?

Sindhi Money – Where it should be going ?

1. Diamonds.

2. Precious Stones.

3. Real Estate in Mumbai.

4. Sanand* Near Ahmedabad- slated to be the new Detroit of India. Bihar, Patna, Bengal.

5.Swiss Francs


Where Sindhi Money should move out of :

1. US and European Currencies.

2. Exposure to US and Europe.

3. Stocks and Commodities worldwide.

4. Risky assets like- Chinese Property , Japanese property, Hongkong Property ( Due to Highest Risk to US Default), Middle Eastern property( World crisis might make Crude settle below $ 50 range.), Unsustainable Dubai properties and Villas in the oceans. New Big projects of any kind.

5. Chinese and Japanese Currencies- due to high exposure to US Debt markets.


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