Sunder Daswani- USA

After years of honing his skills in Hong Kong and the US, Mr. Sunder Daswani founded The Tailored Man in 1969 to extend his version of custom clothing to the Who’s Who of the DC community. Along with hard-to-fit clientele, Mr. Daswani and his brother Kishore Daswani have provided services not only to countless US Congressmen and Senators, local celebrities, executives, and professionals, but even to the hard-to-fit athletes in the area. “We have custom-fitted hundreds of NBA and NFL players and their coaches,” says Mr. Daswani.
In the past few years, the Internet has allowed The Tailored Man to extend its reach far beyond their quaint store in Alexandria, Virginia. Tailored Man also retains fashion consultants who travel across the entire US and all the territories in Canada. The tag line for The Tailored Man is “Hong Kong Custom Tailors,” and there’s a good reason for that. Hong Kong has long enjoyed an international reputation for elegant custom-tailored clothing at affordable prices. Hong Kong tailors are especially skilled at looking at customers’ measurements and photos and fitting eight out of ten customers without any changes, thereby saving customers several trips back and forth.

Currently, all orders are entered and tracked on its proprietary web-enabled database – the first of its kind in the industry, according to Mr. Daswani. With this system customers can view the status of their orders and can even make repeat orders by simply calling in, as measurements and previous order styles are on file. “I have always felt that our business was suited, no pun intended, to incorporate the latest technology,” Mr. Daswani says. “We have always been quick to adopt technologies like the Telex and fax; now with the Internet we have really improved our business platform for our customers as well as our suppliers.”

The software has been so successful that Mr. Daswani has begun marketing it to other tailors and their traveling fashion consultants, who, with the help of the proprietary software, are able to have shows anywhere in the world, take the male customers’ measurements, and have the custom suit order sent electronically to Hong Kong before the customer even makes it outside to the parking lot. As Mr. Daswani expected, the response to this software has been quite enthusiastic, as it allows other tailors to streamline their operations and better serve their customers, just as he has been able to better serve his own.

“You can count on two hands the number of small custom-tailoring businesses,” says Mr. Daswani, who says The Tailored Man has a client base of over 10,000, “but I think you’ll be hard put to find one with our depth and breadth of expertise. And I think The Tailored Man is probably the only custom tailor who has clients who travel here to see us from Montreal to San Diego, Vancouver to Miami. If they don’t come to us, we go to them. We are constantly traveling throughout North America. And we’re now spreading our wings to London, UK as well.”

Mr. Daswani says, “For our 50th anniversary we will be offering $500 off our Blue Label package consisting of two suits and three shirts, and $50 off on our package of four shirts.”

Indeed, The Tailored Man is a rarity in more ways than one. Besides being an individually owned business that has been in operation for a half century – which is unusual in itself – The Tailored Man is, says Mr. Daswani, one of only three or four tailors in the metropolitan Washington DC area doing more than 2.5 million dollars in business annually. With the implementation of his hi-tech software into a time-honored business, it is quite possible that the number of competitors – and the total income – may rise significantly. Mr. Daswani isn’t too concerned about the competition, however. He says, “My customers know me, and know the quality of my products. They will stay with me.”

For more information see The Tailored Man Web site

Contact: Sunder Daswani
5243 Duke Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22304
Tel: (703) 751-7868
Fax: (703) 751-2194

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