June:Sindhis in News

Anjali Chhabria( Psychiatrist):

Psychiatrist Anjali Chhabria is reminded of the time her daughter was three-and-a-half years old and her pet parrot died. Chhabria recalls, “She cried all night and the next morning, came up with, ‘I’m angry with Shiv bhagvan. He got an elephant’s head for his son, but what about the poor elephant?'” Chhabria, not sure how to react, wrote a note for the teacher to discuss it with the child. She says, “The teacher addressed the concept beautifully with a class of three-year-olds and told them how different faiths viewed it differently and it meant the person had a new body. My daughter returned with a smile on her face, saying, ‘The bird got bored with his body and now has a new one’.”

Hinduja V/s Dilip Chhabria:

Madras High Court today upheld the order of a single judge-Bench restraining a Bangalore-based company from infringing Hinduja group flagship company Ashok Leyland’s registered trademark “Luxura” by using an identical and deceptively similar trademark on their buses.The court dismissed the appeal of Blue Hill Logistics Pvt Ltd.Ashok Leyland moved the court, seeking an injunction to restrain Blue Hill Logistics Pvt Ltd of Bengaluru and Dilip Chhabria Design Private Ltd of Mumbai from infringing its trade mark.


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