Sindhi in Bandra needs the Community: Hormuz Irani

DearSindhi Community ,

Just opposite my house a Sindhi Family ( A Mom, Daughter and father) has settled on the footpath, they sleep on the foot steps of the shops when they down the shutters for the night. I spoke to the mother today and my heart went out to her and the daughter. The mom is well educated and was originally staying at Breach Candy, the daughter was working as a PRO in several shops in Bandra West, Mumbai, they are a respectful and educated family they speak fluent English and seem to be mild and good natured,

However due to the miscalculations of the Father they have landed up on the streets, I am writing this email because I wanted to know if you knew of any ashram of your community which would take them in, like a home for the needy ?. I spoke to several Sindhi acquaintences already today and they tell me they do not know of any. They knew of soup kitchens but not of any ashrams etc ?.

Please Inform me know if you know of any ashram home etc. or people of your community who will help them out. Please hurry because I don’t think they are going to last long on the streets for much longer. It is a crime that such educated and refined people should have the fate as they have.

Area is :
Next to Amarsons Department store
241 Linking Road
Bandra West
Mumbai 400050

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