Gandhi a Gay ?

Of all the 50 years of me, I have not seen a Man like Gandhi.

He lived a very simple life and could have been the King ! Non of the Men i have heard or read about or seen have the Courage to live like Gandhi.

Of all my life that I have lived and seen, I have never seen a Culture like Hinduism, No not a Religion- but a culture. With Yoga, Restrain, Honest teachings, abounding in the way we are raised, we do not equate everything in our world by SEX !

What is the Western OBSSESSION with SEX that they can creep below our belts and call the father of our Nation a GAY ?

I am hurt ! No Man can be a Gandhi or a BAPU ! We Indians and Sindhis all over the world must come together and refuse this Rubbish Claim.

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