Ahuja – Punjabi or sindhi ?

One of our readers commented:

Interesting, i just find out about the fact that ahuja exist in sindhis as well, i am a panjabi arora, my grandparents came from multan and their ancestors were in aror city in sindh border.

The whole civilization of arora panjabis is in aror (now called sukkar) where Arabs came in 7th century and destroyed everything so aroras came in areas multan/jhang etc.

Now, do sindhis and aroras have any similarity?








These Ja ending surnames constitute more then half of arora surnames, and they denote the village one is from.

Like Khaneja surname people were from village called khan, in the aror city.

I am curious if arora and sindhi share same stock and/or genetics?

But i find sindhi people and girls to be very stunning, but arora girls arent as much neat as sindhi girls.

Anybody have a clue if theres any similarity in stock? are sindhi people are of suryavanshi descent?

Arora people are descendent of lord Ram’s son lov  and our cousins


(Sethi, Sahni, Chhaddha etc)

people are descendents of ram’s son kush.

What s origin of sindhis?

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