Sindhis: Shonali Nagrani Interview

My exercise regime
For the last three months I have been regularly practising kickboxing for one-and-a-half hours daily. It is a great form of exercise — very challenging and I love taking the kick harder and higher every time. I do about 400 kicks with ankle weights plus punching for the upper body. It is an all over workout and I totally enjoy it. I also used to go to the gym and do yoga at least twice a week. Yoga really helps relax the muscles and I usually follow it up with a spa massage.

My diet
I have been travelling a lot recently and so have been eating whenever I’m hungry and haven’t really followed a fixed meal routine. Since I’m a thorough Sindhi, sai bhaji made of spinach and channa dal is one of my favourites that I can eat for lunch or dinner. I also have curd and salad in the afternoon to stay cool. Breakfast is mostly toast and omelette, washed down with a glass of orange juice. I also take an omega 3 complex capsule once a day as it improves the skin and sip on coconut water throughout the day.

Happiness quotient
Travelling makes me happy. I love exploring new places and learning about different things. It leaves me feeling enriched. The more I see, the more I learn.

My idea of relaxation
I am at ease when I’m sitting at home on my terrace, looking out at the sea, reading a book and playing some music in the background. I have lots of friends who come over often and there’s no better way to unwind than by playing poker and enjoying great company.

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