Vishakapatnam & Vijaywada Sindhis

Vishakhapatnam :

The city has a total population of 18 lakhs and the number of Sindhi families is 150 only.

They have a Sindhi Panchayat whose President is S/Shri Manu Menda and Secretary is Shri Deepak Idnani.

They have built a Sindhi Panchayat Hall (near Hotel Mayuri) for the purpose of doing all Social functions, as well as for running Marriage Information Bureau for the whole A.P. State. They are united and often meet on happy & unhappy occasions. They have published a good directory of Sindhis and they mainly speak in Sindhi Language among themselves. They celebrate Chetichand & Holi on a grand scale.

The city has a worth seeing famous ‘Sinhachallam’ (God Narsinh) Temple and a huge Naval Dockyard as well as a long Seashore which could be seen in tourist bus.


The City has a total population of 18 lakhs with 200 Sindhi families.

They have a Puj Sindhi Panchayat, whose President is Shri Chahder Prakash Sachdev. This Panchayat is affiliated to Sindhi Federation of South India and Sindhi Council of India.

They speak mainly in Sindhi Language among themselves. They have alsopublished a good Sindhi Directory for the benefit of the community.

They have built a ‘Sindhu Bhavan’ with total investment of 2 ½ crores. They do much social activites for the benefit of community as well as for local people.

They celebrate 4 Melas in the year such as Chetichand, Guru Nanik Jayanti etc. The city has as a famous ‘Kanak Durga’ temple (on the Hill) and another famous temple of Lord Narsinh (in Mangalgiri near by).

There is a big Railway JunctionStation here wherein at least 200 Railway trains pass throughout the 24 hours for going to all corners of India.

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  • ravindra. nathani  On June 20, 2011 at 8:29 am

    I am a sindhi boy, new in town from gujarat. I came here for a trainning. I am looking for a house here on rent or may be as a PG. in Gajuvaka / town area. I hope you help me out. Thanking you for the same.

    Ravindra. Nathani
    (m) +91-9885023763.
    * People who reply to this must do their due dilligence. We are not repsonsible in any matter whatsoever. We neither know this person or have anything to do with him.

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