Mumbai Sindhi Translators note

wanted arabic sindhi translators & DTP operators in mumbai contact – 9870109990 Manoj

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  • Gul Bhatia (P.Radhakishen)  On February 7, 2011 at 5:14 am

    SINDHIS” as true Indians
    contribute 24% of total INCOME TAX.
    62% of total CHARITY FUNDS.
    Hv more than 50000 Temples in India,
    46% Share Brokers are SINDHI.
    Important and solid financers of Bollywood are Sindhis.
    Own more than 28% of Indian Property.
    Contribute 20% of GDP of India.
    Only with 1% of Indian Population ..
    YET do not demand anything, no involvement in riots or govt or private
    property destruction,mob rampage, agitation, no demand for reservation,
    and no Separate State.
    I am Proud to be an Indian & Proud to be a sindhi

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