Sinbad the sailor (Sind- bad)

Due to the nature of Trade- Sindhis were in, ie trading- travelling by sea was  a very important aspect of  a sindhi’s livelyhood during Indus Valley Civilisation times.

Indus Valley had Sindhis to the west, Gujratis to the south. Most shipments were handled by Karachi and Chambay ports.

Goods used to travel from China (Opium, Fine China, Silk, etc..) through Road to Shikarpur and than down towards Karachi or by Road to Afghanistan…..etc….

Goods from India ( Malmal, Ornaments, Bows, Arrows, Spices, Fine Fabric, Emboidered fabrics, Precious stones, Literature) from various parts of India to Gujrat, Marwar (Rajasthan) and Punjab onwards to Chambay or Karachi via Sindh.

Hence Sindh Prospered. Sindbad was one such Fable that Sindhi mothers used to tell their Children.

Times Changed, Sindbad became Sinbad.

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